Brickell City Center

Brickell City Center

The Brickell City Center is like a city within a city. It is a $1.05 billion project which covers an area of 5,400,000 square feet with six buildings among which three are high rises. There is a specific name of each building- East, Reach, Rise, Two Brickell City Center and Three Brickell City Center. The floor count for each is 43. One Brickell City Center is another building under construction which will be an 80 story building 1049 feet above the sea level.


Completion of the project

The plan of the entire project was taken into action in the year 2012 and the first phase of the project was completed at the end of the year 2016. In the next phase, the 80 story building construction started in 2017 and is still under construction.

The detailed Plan for each building

Brickell City Center looks like a Luxurious City inside another city constructed and designed for multipurpose. There is a Shopping mall except for the five towers.

  • East is the hotel.
  • Reach and Rise are the two residential towers.
  • Two Brickell City Center and Three Brickell City Center are the two mid-office towers.

All these buildings including the shopping complex were completed in the first phase.

Developer and Designer

Brickell City Center is the largest single project of SWIRE Properties in Downtown Miami, Florida. Other two partners of this project are Simon Property Group and the Whitman Family of historic Bar HarbourShops.

The Architect of this most beautiful project is Arquitectonica and the landscape architect is ArquitectonicaGEO.

City center app

This app is made especially for the BCC shoppers, residents, hotel guests and many more. Through this app, you can see the shops that are available in the shopping center, the restaurants and you can also reserve hotel rooms when necessary. Booking can be done priorly through the app. Additionally, you can search for public transports to leave the area or to go there.

Moreover, for the residents of Reach and Rise, there have many more facilities like booking amenities and call for the maintenance work you require at your home.

City Center app can be downloaded both in IOS and Android operating systems.

Brickell at night


Almost all types of shopping facilities for both men and women are available here in this four-level shopping mall. You will find home decor accessories, different types of clothing from branded to non-branded but high-quality products here. As it is in a very big space you can just follow the app or you can have a look on the website for the shops that are available.


In Brickell City Center you will get almost all types of food you want. If you visit their website or the app you will get the restaurant names with their specialties. Again, you can download their food menu and decide which one you want and in which restaurant you want to visit. You will find all the restaurants on the third and fourth floors of the BCC. Moreover, you will get the best quality food there.


You can watch movies on the luxury VIP Cinema Complex inside the shopping complex. You will find a few more events to enjoy with your friends and family during the holidays. The BCC is dog-friendly. You just have to follow their website for the events if you don’t want any.

Visiting Hours

The Brickell City Center is open almost 7 days a week. During Holidays it remains closed. It is better to visit their website while facing any confusion on holidays. On Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, it remains closed. The general timing of visiting the Brickell City Center is Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9.30 pm. On Sundays, the time is from 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

The general timing for restaurants and theater may vary. So it is better to visit the website or use the app.

Resident corner

The two residential towers Reach and Rise provides almost all the luxurious facilities to its residents. The interior of the living space is so elegant that the residents will feel like home at every corner of the building. It provides an outdoor fitness center, a playground for the children, an area for the refreshment of the residents and many more. Additionally, the residents are given a VIP card to have special discounts inside the BCC.

How to get there

BCC is in the heart of Miami city and it is very easy to go there. You can use a free trolley or the metro mover to go there. From South Beach, you can take the Brickell trolley or from the north, you can choose the Biscayne route. Metro mover will bring you to the Brickell and you just need to have few steps to go to the BCC. On the other hand, using the app you can select your transport.


Brickell City Center has its own parking area. One interesting fact about BCC parking is, you will get a 50 percent discount on the parking of the first 6 hours if you purchase something from the level 3 block B by Intermix. The parking rate for the first 4 hours is $10 and the maximum rate for one day is $40.


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