Mangos tropical café

Mangos tropical café

Mangos tropical café is a restaurant and bar widely known for its night-time entertainment in the heart of Miami. It is located on South Beach and is a very famous place among the tourists and the locals. Moreover, it has become a must-visit place for people having an interest in nightlife.

Location of the café

The Mangos Tropical Café is located on the 900 ocean drive Miami Beach, Florida 33029.



There are a variety of rooms and bars in the Mango’s Tropical Café. In the main bar, the dancers of the café perform throughout the night and are most famous. The second-floor bar is also famous for the accommodation of 100 guests.

Some other rooms of the Mangos Tropical Café are

  • Mojito room
  • Vodou room
  • Jungle room

Mojito and Vodou both are oceanfront private rooms and all the three have luxurious facilities with a full-service bar. The first two rooms have a couch sitting area for the comfort of its guests and the jungle room is considered as a club inside the club.

All three rooms can accommodate a different number of guests but the rental fee is all the same which is $750. But the service and the facilities are slightly different. There is no single private room in the café.

Night club and entertainment

The live music which is held every day of a week is considered one of the best live music in Miami. The dance performance along with the music is the best. Check their calendar for the events if you want to enjoy any specific event.

Mangos Tropical Café is no exception is famous for its night time entertainment. Different events and parties are organized at different times here. If you want to spend a great time, just check their website and join one of the events of your choice. Few events that are organized for night time entertainment are listed here.

  • Latin Tuesdays
  • This is my house every Wednesday
  • International Sundays

In all the parties you will find DJs, Dancers, and bottles. Moreover, you need to have a reservation for attending the parties.

Few attractions of the Mangos Tropical Café are

  • Salsa and Bachata Dancers
  • Mangos dancers
  • Burlesque show
  • Hip-hop acts
  • Mariachi Band
  • Cuban Conga Show
  • Rumba Flamenca
  • Belly Dancing
  • Michael Jackson Tribute
  • Caribbean Soca Carnival

There is also a magic show called The Great Enigma from Friday to Tuesday in the main bar from 8 pm to 1 am.

The Latin Connection Band and the HyRyZe Band also perform here on specific days.

On the other hand, the café is open to all after a certain time. For example, the jungle room is open to the public after 8 pm. The other two rooms are open from 10 pm to 4 am on every Friday and Saturday for enjoying the whole night with a DJ party. The main bar is open all night with a dance performance.

The café can accommodate up to a total number of 800 guests at a time.

Snacks and dine

For dining, the café has a wide variety of options both for the set menu and buffet. For the buffet, the minimum guest requirement is 40 persons. Moreover, three variety of buffet options are available and they are SOBE Buffet, BBQ Buffet, and Latin Buffet. Choose one option according to your choice for guests.

It serves a wide variety of drinks which you will not find anywhere in Miami. The café also has alcoholic and non-alcoholic packages for the visitors. From a wide variety of menu, a visitor can choose anyone.

A place to organize events

Mangos Tropical Café is a nice place to organize different events like corporate events, birthday parties and get together with friends. With its two bars and three types of rooms, you can choose one room according to the number of guests it can accommodate and organize your event. It is also a very famous place among teenagers for celebrating different parties.


When you go there you must keep in mind that valet parking is available here but the authority doesn’t control the pricing and other things. Public parking is also available in Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue. 9th and 10th street of Collins Avenues and 7th on Washington Avenue are for public parking.


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