Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

While visiting any place on vacation, it becomes one of the must-do things is to visit the famous places nearby. When you will visit Miami you will find many places to visit on your vacation. Among most of the places, Miami Seaquarium is a must-visit place for tourists.

Miami Seaquarium is one of the oldest seaquariums in the United States and when it was founded in 1955, it was the largest marine life attraction of the world. It is situated on 38 acres of open land with a lot of spices among which most of them belong to marine life.


Intro / park info

This is the place both for the enjoyment of children and the elders and the greatest attraction for tourists who visit Miami, Florida. The seaquarium is located on one of the islands of Virginia key in Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida and also near Downtown Miami.

The aquarium is open for 365 days of a year from 10 am to 6 pm. You will enjoy a day tour to the aquarium along with your children. 


You can buy tickets after going there or you can buy tickets online. You also need to buy tickets for interaction with the animals as well.

There is another option rather than tickets that are annual pass through which you will get unlimited entries throughout the year and many more. There are three types of annual passes. All of them provide the same facilities almost except for a few.

On the other hand, there are discounts at different times of the year. So you can get your desired event ticket at a very cheap price. Again, there are some exceptional offers that are available if you take the offers online.

Different shows

Different shows are organized by the animals of the seaquarium which is a great attraction for the visitors. To watch the shows you must be present here at 10 am as almost all the shows take place between 10 am to 12 pm. The shows are

  • Flipper Dolphin Show
  • Golden Dome Sea Lion
  • Killer Whale and Dolphin
  • Sharkys Sky Trail

However, these are a few names but you will find many more when you go there.

Activities you can enjoy

There are various activities that you can enjoy with your family, friends as well as kids. though you will be charged for different activities, you will miss an adventure of a lifetime if you do not do any of them. A list of different activities in Miami seaquarium is shared here for the tourists so that they can choose according to their fascination. 

  • Dolphin Odyssey:  In this activity, you can do all kinds of activities with this amazing creature of sea life. You can have a handshake, kisses, swimming with it and many more activities. This is a 30 minutes program and must do an advance booking of this activity. Age to participate here is 18+ but in case of under that age, there must be an observer. Expecting women cannot participate in this activity. The height of the participant must be 52 inches. The activity charge is around $220 to $240. Charges are different for children and adults. For observing the show only has a different price. Group rates are available for 14 participants or more.
  • Dolphin Encounter: you can handshake, kiss the dolphin and learn a few training techniques in this activity. Swimming is not included here. A participant must have a height of 38 inches for this activity. Other criteria are the same as the Dolphin Odessey. The charge for the above 10 years is $160 and below 10 years is $120. 
  • Seal Swim: This is a 15 to 20 minutes activity with a seal. You can swim and have a friendly hug and kiss it in shallow water. You can also be a part of the training session. For this activity also the participant should meet 38 inches height criteria. For an adult participant, the price is $180 to $160 and for a child, the price is $140 to $120.
  • Penguin Encounter: You can visit African penguins here and have an interaction with them. You must meet the height criteria of 52 inches for it.
  • Sea Trek Reef Encounter: In this activity, you can enjoy the interaction of undersea creatures with a helmet through which you can breathe freely and comfortably. It is an amazing experience for all. This activity costs $100 for the 10 years and more.
  • Shark & Stingray Interaction: Through this activity, one can interact with southern stingrays and nurse sharks. It costs $69 for adults and $59 for children.
  • VIP Tour: This is an amazing tour throughout the park which gives you the experience of interacting with the animals, feeding them and many more along with a tour guide. It is a tour of 2.5 hours. You must book at least 48 hours before and there must be 4 persons to start the tour. It is a package of $149 which includes many discounts and many activities.
  • Trainer for a day: This is an amazing activity one can do in the seaquarium. The participant can be a trainer for one day. They can work with trainers and assist them in different shows. For this activity, the participant must be above 16 and can speak English along with a weight lifting capacity of 30kgs. This activity costs $495.

The prices given here are not the final one as many discounts are given at different times of the year.


Different events take place on different months of the year in the Miami seaquarium. Every month it changes. You just need to keep an eye on their website when you are planning to visit.

Dining and Shopping

You can plan a full day or half-day tour according to your wish. However, you do not need to bother about where to eat and what to eat. There is a lot of food shops inside the place. You will find different shops where you can buy gifts. Only the food carts accept cash but others accept both cash and cards.

Events you can organize

Miami seaquarium has the facility to organize different events from a corporate event to a birthday party and weddings. It has a large space for outdoor events. Birthday parties are only available on Saturdays and Sundays.


Miami seaquarium is about 5 miles away from the Miami beach. You can also use rental cars and public transport for going to this place. Public transport serves from Brickle to Miami Seaquarium.


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